When we were walking back from the dog run this morning Dan and I heard birds above us. The sound was coming from a parrot nest (yes parrot … we saw two bright green parrots fly out) at the railroad crossing.

I don’t use a regular camera these days. I enjoy experimenting with my iPhone camera and am happy with the results. They are not the highest quality photos but the convenience of never having to carry a bulky camera, or learn a lot of settings, is a trade off that I am happy to make. I have never had a camera that I have felt so comfortable with.

When I got home from the allotment today with another bunch of dandelion leaves, I was struck by how they looked when I soaked them in water.


When our friend Miko brought us rhododendron flowers this evening I was keen to capture the color of the bouquet.


When we entertained Miko, Suzanne, Joyce, Rachel, Sophia and Julianna in our construction space, we listened to 78 records on the Symphonic.


I particularly enjoyed seeing a Picture Record that was amongst Dan’s mum’s collection.


And while the records played, and people chatted, I marveled at how the evening sun was catching the rafters.


iTography is a fun way for me to capture and appreciate everyday moments.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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