Jack Is Back!


On Friday we received word from Susan at Woodside Training that Jack was ready for collection. She also included a brief report that we were delighted with: “He did good.” We went to collect him today.

The farm Jack has been staying at is about an hour from us in a very pretty part of New Jersey. It was a beautiful day, and it felt good to be in the countryside taking in ever changing views of rolling hills, old farms, and country lanes.


When we arrived at Woodside, Susan was eager to expand on Jack’s progress. She explained that he had been mixing with different breeds throughout the past week and showed us a video of him at play with several other dogs. This is something we’ve never seen him do before. She also explained what else she had done, what had worked best, and provided some pointers. The biggest achievement as far as we are concerned is that he socialized easily with other dogs.

Susan then fetched Jack from outside, and we saw firsthand how comfortable he was with her dogs. Two particular favourites were Jack Russells named Pinky and Dory.



It occurs to me that perhaps Dory is short for adorable:


It felt so good to be reunited with Jack. On the drive home Jack spent a lot of time snoozing at my feet. Boot Camp really tired him out.


Now it’s down to Dan and I to follow through on Jack’s training. While Jack was away we both finished reading “Be The Pack Leader” by Cesar Millan. Cesar’s main message is to be calm and assertive at all times. He also says that all members of the household should be on the same page. We are up for the challenge and ready to start the next chapter with Jack.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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