Jack’s Anniversary


It was two years ago today that we got Jack from a shelter in Brooklyn. We had been searching for a couple of months when Dan found Jack online at Petfinder.com.


Jack met most of our search criteria except he was older than we had in mind. We sought a dog that was one to two years old. Jack came nowhere close. The vet working with the shelter guessed he was about seven years old. But, once Dan saw Jack our age criterion seemed to go out the window.

Dan went to meet Jack the day he found Jack’s profile online. He contacted me afterward suggesting we make an appointment to see him together first thing the next day. Clearly Dan was taken with Jack and interested in adopting him.

The shelter knew little about Jack except that he had been turned in at a Manhattan shelter a month earlier and then transferred to Brooklyn. He was a skinny, quivering little chap but instantly likable.


We took Jack for a walk in Prospect Park and within a short time I told Dan I too would be happy to adopt him.


That was the start of a whole new chapter in Jack’s and our lives. He came home with us that day.


Once we were home we acquainted Jack with his new surroundings…


and set about cleaning him up.


It seemed to take no time at all for him to become comfortable in his new home.


Despite his mischievousness, Jack is a great addition to our lives and brings us much enjoyment. And, he looks great in every room of our house.




While Dan has always denied it, I suspect he took colour swatches with him the day he first met Jack — and quickly determined Jack’s brown, black and white markings would compliment our decor. Dan certainly has an eye for a beautiful thing.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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