Jumping Jack


Jack surpassed himself this holiday season. During our holiday card photo session he provided us with a delightful reindeer pose for our card,


as well as some great video content.

For several months Dan has been training Jack to jump through a hula hoop. On the eve of the photo shoot Dan substituted a wreath for the hula hoop.


After checking out the wreath Jack was ready for a trial jump.


The next day in the Matt Dine Photography studio,
equipment was set up so that the action could be captured on multiple cameras.


Dan provided clear direction for the star to follow.


With his trainer just off camera, Jack excelled at jumping through the holiday wreath.


After the shoot Dan and I collaborated with Matt on video production. It is amazing to watch Matt, a classical musician, skillfully synchronize footage to music.

Click on the following link to view Jack’s Joyful Jumping video:




live. enjoy. repeat.

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