Kew Gardens


Dan and I arrived in England this morning and are having a hard time believing it is July. The temperature peaked at 19 degrees centigrade today (that’s 66 for those that prefer Fahrenheit) and is forecast to drop to 9 C tonight (49 F).  It feels more like April here.

After arriving at Heathrow early this morning we headed to Kew Gardens.


Dan nor I had ever been there before, and we were inspired to go because a friend told us about a David Nash sculpture exhibit she had just seen there.
We were dodging showers all day.  One minute it was sunny; the next it was pouring rain.  We did a pretty good job of avoiding the showers by touring a glass house whenever it started to rain.
Some fine and exotic specimens were on show…
including some that inspire new headwear ideas.
My favourite plant was the huge Santa Cruz lily that dominates the pond in the Waterlily House. I enjoyed learning that it produces one flower at a time and that each flower lasts just two days. The first night the bloom is white, the second night the flower is pink
Between showers we took advantage of the tree top walkway to see what goes on 60 feet above the ground.
Our friend Detta met us for lunch and it was great to catch up with her for a couple of hours.
We managed to cover a lot of ground (Kew Gardens spans more than 200 acres), but at one point the time difference caught up with me.
live. enjoy. repeat.

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