Kitchen Leftovers


The kitchen sink is now immediately inside our front door. We are setting up a temporary kitchenette to hold us over until our new kitchen is in place.

The idea to create a temporary kitchen came from our friends Joe and Carlos. We borrowed the IKEA sink unit from them – it is leftover from when they remodeled their kitchen.

We thought it would be a quick job to hook up the sink. But one thing lead to another, and it turned into an all day project. John’s frustration meter was registering very high by his third trip to the hardware store. But somehow he managed to persevere and get it all working.

He found the easy installation of a leftover shelving unit to be much more satisfying.

A few weeks ago, Jack spotted this bookcase on the side of the road; someone in the neighborhood had put it out for trash.


John, thought it might be a useful size for the kitchenette, and dragged it home. John is always looking for a re-purposing opportunity (especially on trash day).

So today, I gave the bookcase a good cleaning.


And John secured it to the wall.


It’s just the right size for glasses and mugs in our vestibule/kitchenette.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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