Kitchen Miscellaneous


On Friday John and I collected bins filled with our kitchen stuff from a neighbor’s basement.


Our pots, pans, utensils, glassware, etc. have all been in storage since our old kitchen was demolished (see April 24, 2012 posting ‘Bare Essentials’).

Jack thought we had got rid of this stuff and was surprised to see it come back.


In the bins we found vintage glasses that we will enjoy using again…


and mugs too.


I had fun putting stuff into our new kitchen cabinets, and got to use my visual merchandising skills.


I positioned blocks of colored glassware in the center of each shelf, flanked by clear glassware that allows the L.E.D. cabinet lighting to shine through.


Not all the glassware was rescued from deep storage. The multi-colored striped glasses are the ones we bought at the Woodstock Flea Market (see October 1, 2012 posting ‘Weekend Glassware’). They look great in the new kitchen.

Soon after unpacking the 17 bins we brought home, we repacked 5 bins of stuff for a garage sale.

From his chair in the breakfast area, Jack watched the antics of our unpacking everything, and then packing 30% of it away again.


He found it to be thoroughly exhausting.


Ideally, we would have gotten rid of these unwanted things months ago, but before The Destruction we weren’t ready to purge. And during The Destruction, we did not have room to store and sort through things. So we are sorting stuff now, after The Destruction.

It is a pleasure to go through things in our spacious new kitchen, and easier for us to determine what we want to keep, and what we don’t. And it will be easier for us to have a garage sale, now that we actually have a garage!


Everything has its season, and this spring promises to be a good one for a garage sale.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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