Kitchen Therapy


As the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Things have been heating up in The Destruction lately, and like a good party, everyone ends up in the kitchen. Yesterday evening when I walked in there were 3 stone fitters, 3 contractors, 2 electricians, 2 floor finishers, and me.


With the increased activity in The Destruction this week, John and I have been experiencing an increase in our stress levels. We went into NYC Thursday night, and it provided us an opportunity to let off some steam.

I tend to work through stressful situations from an emotional viewpoint and seek support of others. John, as you can see, is more likely to blow off steam independently, and move on.


We met my cousin Alison and her husband Tim for drinks and dinner. They typically come to NYC for a weekend in December. Getting together with them is a yearly tradition that John and I really look forward to. Being with my relatives was good therapy for me.


After a change of scene, John and I came back home to an empty and peaceful worksite. We enjoyed the feeling of our kitchen. It is starting to feel less like a worksite and more like home.


Tonight, we asked our good friends Matt and Deb to stop by for a drink. The raised counter on the kitchen island was installed just in time to raise our glasses to them on their 10th anniversary.


Having Matt and Deb as our first guests in the new kitchen just felt great.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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