Kitchenette Countdown


The kitchenette’s days are numbered. Very soon we will have full access to our new kitchen. Dan and I can hardly wait, and are ready for the change.

The kitchenette was novel and fun when we set it up in May but, as often happens, the novelty wore off. Living in cramped quarters with the kitchenette is like being on a camping trip that never ends.

Over the months we have become highly proficient at preparing meals with minimal resources and space. The secret to success, we’ve learnt, is in the sequencing of tasks and cleaning up as you go. With these skills mastered it’s amazing what delights can be produced in the kitchenette.


We explored many ways to cook an egg . . .
poached, scrambled, hard boiled, soft boiled and as an omelette.








In the summer months we hardly used the hot plates or toaster oven as they made our living space so hot. Salads were a mainstay.



Our eating habits changed; I started creating healthy snacks that are easy to prepare, like endive with hummus, beetroot stalk and chives.


While I am looking forward to getting into our new kitchen, there are certain things I will miss when the kitchenette goes. For instance, the fun reaction we get from visitors as they enter the front door and encounter the set up for the first time. Being able to answer the door in the midst of washing up is particularly convenient.


I will also miss the outlook to our street while standing at the sink. It’s a vantage point we never spent time at before. It’s interesting to see the comings and goings from The Destruction, and who passes by the house.

The other day Dan tested the range top in the new kitchen when he reheated some food.


He said it was a treat to have a cooktop surface as large as the kitchenette countertop.


As the year draws to a close we look forward to being able to create meals in our spacious new kitchen early next year. Hopefully, Dan and I will retain some of the efficiency skills we have honed while working in the kitchenette.

We have no doubt Jack will retain his skill at cleaning up any food that falls to the floor.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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