Kitchen’s Open


John made a final visit to our charming kitchenette on Monday…


before it was dismantled. Everything is gone now, including the kitchen sink.


We can no longer see into the basement through the gaps in the old floor boards; a layer of plywood has been installed.

It’s hard to remember the way it used to be with a door to a little powder room and a door to a little vestibule.


The space that has been functioning as our temporary kitchen is transforming into the vestibule it was destined to become…


The design of the expanded vestibule provides graciousness to our home in several ways:
-guests can now be welcomed in an entry space twice the original size
-sunlight can come into this corner of the living room through double glass doors
-and, because we will use the door nearest the corner of the room to enter the living room, the furniture arrangement can be reset taking better advantage of the fireplace.

What the expanded vestibule space can no longer provide is a quick cup of tea or a meal.


But now those things can be done elsewhere. Because, the best thing about the closing of the kitchenette is… it marks the opening of our new kitchen!


Finally, we have ample room to cook, or wait nearby hoping that some food will drop to the floor.


And we can enjoy a snack at the counter…


while waiting for the breakfast area to be furnished.


To get an idea how it will feel sitting in the breakfast area, we put some chairs and stools around where the table will be.


It’s a very good spot for enjoying views to the garden, and for spotting squirrels.


Right now, the breakfast area is also good for painting garage door panels (when not attending Broadway shows).


We have been dreaming about being in this kitchen for ages. Stickers have been removed from the appliances,


but it will still be a while before painting is finished. Even unfinished, it’s looking very good…


with cabinetry, trim, and the breezeway doors finally in place.


We celebrated our first evening in the kitchen with martinis and used the opportunity to test a new gin we were given.


We tested,


and tested.


With great certainty, the taste of Barr Hill Gin met with our approval.

Meanwhile, Jack tested all the new corners in the kitchen area. With great certainty, this cozy spot near a heating vent met with his approval.


I’m certain we are all going to be happy in the new kitchen.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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