Knob And Buckle Details


In addition to the detailing of John’s beard, we have been tending to finer details on The Destruction.

For instance, yesterday we brought an old doorknob from our house to the building supply store. We hoped to find a close match to the old knob for use on new interior doors.


The vast display seemed to feature only knobs we didn’t want.


After a while we found some that came close,


but in the end we chose one from a picture in a catalogue.

Being particular about things like this is time consuming, but small details are important to us.

While keeping up with the demands of The Destruction, we’ve had to also find time to tend to the details of our holiday card. Designing our card is a big tradition for us. We are traditionally very late in finalizing the design. This year is no exception; we ordered our cards today.

Last year we did a photo card featuring Jack (captioned: focus on merry and bright).


As always, the card was well received. This year we have again designed the card around Jack. We can’t reveal the design until after the cards have been sent and received, but I can share one detail.

We found a red dog collar in Chelsea and thought it would be a great holiday accessory for Jack. We liked the collar’s width, color, and buckle. It was perfect, except it was made for a much larger dog.


We bought the collar anyway. John was certain he could alter the collar and tailor it to fit Jack.

The new red collar needed to become the size of Jack’s old black collar.


So, John got his Quick Unpick out of his sewing tin.


Until I met John, I was unaware that there was a tool to undo sewing. He apparently has been quickly unpicking since childhood.


After a few minutes, the buckle was loose, and the collar was fully adjustable.


Jack looked great wearing the collar at our holiday card photo session. I think he appreciates our attention to detail.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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