The landscrapers arrived yesterday afternoon! The view out our back windows of the stone yard is finally going to change.


One by one, the stones will be employed to build patios, steps, and walls.


John and I chose our friends at Blue Meadow to install the ‘hardscape’ part of our project, because they did such a beautiful job on our camp (see Camp posted Jan 5, 2012).

The idea for the camp started with a sketch I made showing steps carved into our hill and leading to a recessed stone patio area surrounded by plantings.


Five years ago Blue Meadow helped us to transform our scruffy little hill…


into the special place that we envisioned.


Now as we begin to add newly designed outdoor areas, it will be interesting to see how our camp holds status as my favorite place.

I love the landscaping portion of our project. Although designing rooms built with 2×4’s and drywall has its joys, it is a collaboration with Home Depot. When one designs outdoor spaces, one collaborates with Nature. Using building materials such as plants, and trees, and earth and stone, the design process gets close to the creative source. I find it exhilarating.

It was thrilling to see the ivy clad and crumbling stone wall that has has been holding up a portion of our hill…


reduced to rubble.


And then watch a new stone wall start to grow up in its place.


It reminds me that even things as seemingly permanent as stone are transient and constantly changing.


It was equally thrilling for me to watch the crew cut through 6” thick bluestone slabs…


and create 5’ long steps…


just as I specified in my drawing.


Not everyone around here gets as excited about the earthworks as I do.

After living through 18 months of The Destruction, Jack has become rather laid back and is content to let the latest crew get on with whatever it is they’re doing.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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