Le Kitchenette


I explained to Siohban some weeks ago that our house project is not as far along as we expected it to be when they made their travel plans. When we arrived outside our house last night (after the airport pickup), I thought I should reiterate this information. I explained that their arrival would be like reaching a resort in Spain that looked great in the brochure, only to learn that the hotel is still being built. We all had a good chuckle.

Once inside Dan and I gave Siohban and Saoirse the abbreviated house tour (i.e. the parts that are not boarded off). We concluded by explaining that the kitchen went away several weeks ago (you may remember that we now only have a makeshift kitchen just inside our front door). When I explained to Siohban that she had already passed through our temporary kitchen, she looked a little perplexed. We retraced our steps and showed Siohban and Saoirse the kitchenette area again.

They quickly took it all in (sink, hotplate, kettle, microwave, and toaster oven) and determined that using the kitchenette would be just like camping. Luckily for us, Siohban and Saoirse are seasoned campers. They usually spend four weeks of their summer camping in France.

This morning I was pleased to see that Siohban felt right at home in our campsite kitchen. I love it when people are able to just go with le flow.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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