Lights, Cameras, Music!


Working with Matt Dine Photography is always an interesting experience. Today’s assignment, as well as Friday’s, was to film a piano soloist in performance.

It was Andrew’s turn today.


Friday was Gleb’s day.


Andrew and Gleb are both extremely talented musicians with YCA, Young Concert Artists, in New York City.

Matt was a Young Concert Artist also. I think it is great that he is now supporting YCA via his latest endeavors as photographer and videographer.

For John and I, Matt has many job titles: oboist, photographer, filmmaker, friend, neighbor, and Mime (my nickname for him).

Our neighbor, Dennis added his photographic expertise to the shoot today. Matt and Dennis had the camera work well covered.


I provided creative direction on setting of the room (which in this case, involved carefully removing a lot of tchotchkes, and being able to put each piece back in its place when we were done).

I also made sure we got good interview footage. I will help Matt in production to edit the interviews into succinct narratives, and integrate the speaking parts with the music.

But, the best part of this job was just being in the room during the filming. It was like having a private concert, in a beautiful salon, on a sunny Monday afternoon. Thanks Mime.


live. enjoy. repeat.


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