Looking Over A Blog Year


One year ago today, we started our blog. And perhaps more remarkable than the 365 day milestone, is the fact that we want to continue blogging.

Over the course of the past year, John and I have enjoyed the creative outlet of writing stories, taking photos, and working on postings together. Through the images and narratives we have posted, we have gained insight into ourselves and discovered a greater appreciation of everyday joys, including the pleasure of sharing our stories with others.

The first photo I posted was of John and me with friends in our “open air” breakfast area.

The accompanying story, ‘Contractor’s Holiday,’ began… “We require remarkably little cause for celebration.”

I am pleased to report that we still require little cause for celebration. The approaching anniversary of our blog was reason enough to have friends over for cocktails on Sunday night.


We wanted to replicate the photo taken a year ago from outside — this was a challenge since our breakfast area is no longer “open air,”


but it was satisfying to see our project looking so complete.


As John and I served drinks, we appreciated that we are very fortunate to have accomplished our house addition project (we hope to have all final inspections completed next week).


We also appreciate that adding more space to our house, although very satisfying, is not totally fulfilling.


It’s enjoying the space with friends that makes our tails wag.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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