A Lump-Less Kitchen


The view into our old kitchen may not look like much to you, but it looks beautiful to me. What is beautiful is what is missing. The lump of wall that was by the radiator is gone.

The lump was in the way of our design goal for the kitchen area. We want to open up the kitchen to the back of the house; the lump had to go.

When standing in our kitchen and looking out toward the garden, it used to look like this:


Here’s how it looks today (the uprights in line with the radiator form a temporary partition and will eventually go away):


My vision of our kitchen opening to the back of the house with views to the garden is coming into focus.

It’s not easy getting rid of a lump. The plumbing that was in the wall has been re-routed. A new steel reinforced beam will go in overhead. The radiator will go away too. But given the option to like it or lump it, John and I are happy we decided not to lump it any longer.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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