Lunch Break


“Let’s go on a picnic” was my suggestion. Yesterday, John worked from home. A picnic lunch seemed a perfect way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, and make the most of being together on a workday.

We phoned in an order to a favorite deli and picked up sandwiches on our way to a nearby park. Within 10 minutes we were on top of the cliffs overlooking the Hudson River and enjoying the spectacle of the George Washington Bridge and New York City beyond.


We took in the sights for just a few minutes. It was clear to me that John was anxious to get down to business… the business of eating our lunch (so that he could get back home and on the computer).


The art of relaxation does not come easily to some. I think John is one of those people. He is naturally wired to be busy.

When John moved to the US, we lived near Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. It is a lively place with lots of college students, street performers, etc. I could easily entertain myself by walking into the square and doing, well, nothing. And I wanted to share this great American pastime with John.

To my dismay, I discovered that the man who moved from England to live with me, had little aptitude for doing nothing. One day John was to spend an afternoon “hanging out” with our friend Moe. I was thrilled, and hopeful. When I saw him that evening and asked how it went, he admitted he’s not very good at hanging out.

16 years later, he is much better at taking a break from it all. On occasion, he manages to unwind from the entanglement of his busy wiring.


At the end of our picnic, when John was looking up at the clouds, it made me smile. I didn’t tell him I was glad to be hanging out with him. He was busy relaxing.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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