Magic Curtain


John had enough relaxation on Sunday, so I assigned him a chore when he got home from work last night.  It was time for him to install the zipper door.  He has been talking about it for weeks now.

John has had an ingenious solution in mind for the problem of our doorway to the master bedroom part of The Destruction.  The doorway is draped in a dropcloth that does an unsatisfactory job of keeping construction dust from coming into the house.

We added another layer of protection by masking off the opening with plastic sheeting.  The plastic did a good job for a short while… until it got pulled apart the first time a contractor had to go into The Destruction area.


John’s solution — put up a plastic sheet with zippers in it, so one can zip it open to go in, and zip it closed again when coming back through.

He was prepared to tackle the project with 2 tarp zippers (I have no idea how he finds this stuff) and some plastic sheeting (which John insists is called ‘polythene’).


He took a few key measurements,


and carefully applied lots of blue tape.


In remarkably little time, he had installed a finished panel complete with two self adhered zippers cut in.


When it is unzipped, it’s easy to pass through.
It’s easy to roll up…
should crowds of visitors need to come through.


It’s easy to roll down…


and double zip it closed again


Even Jack thought it was very clever.


It is an ingenious solution, and the project was  quintessential John… as was his comment to the plumbers at 8:00 AM this morning.  I overheard John inform with pride “I put a polythene zipper door in upstairs.”  I heard nothing in response from the plumbers; this did not surprise me since nobody knows what polythene or a zipper door is… yet.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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