Making Strides


My week got off to a great start. When I was walking Jack around the neighbourhood this morning, an unleashed small white dog came up to us, seemingly from nowhere, and barked right in Jack’s face.

Jack barely reacted, even though the surprise visitor was less than a foot away. Jack stood his ground and just looked at the other dog, as much to say “what’s your problem?” We went on our way and the yappy white dog eventually dropped back.

I was so proud of Jack. If this interaction had occurred a few weeks ago (pre-boot camp) the outcome would almost certainly have been quite nasty.

We have been making steady progress with Jack since he returned from Woodside Training three weeks ago. Having Jack in the dog run with other dogs for the first time was a milestone, and he’s been back many times since. Apart from the occasional barking outburst (usually at a dog much larger than himself), Jack has been well behaved in the run.

Instilled with confidence, Dan and I decided to orchestrate a “chance encounter” between Jack and Blue. Dan took Jack to the dog run, and I followed 10 minutes later with Blue. Blue belongs to our friend Will. Blue is black (I know, it’s confusing).


In the past, Jack and Blue exhibited aggression towards one another, so we have been careful to keep them apart. However, when they met in the dog run, they seemed to quickly address some minor issues, and were then happy to be in each other’s company. We think it helped that they were on neutral ground and off-leash.

Afterwards, Dan and I walked Jack and Blue home together. It felt like we strode past another milestone.


live. enjoy. repeat.


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