Many Happy Returns


John and I made an unplanned return trip to the site of Saturday night’s party.  One of us left a bag behind — with a passport in it.  Either one of us could have done it.  It’s hard keeping track of things when racing around from friend’s house to friend’s house with jet lag and little sleep.  After 16 years together we have learned that pointing fingers never improves a situation (it was John).

The upside of John’s oversight was that we got to spend more time with Lucy and Nic… and Lucy quickly put together a lunch of delicious party food leftovers.

When we pulled up to the house today, a man with a white van was collecting pink and green bean bags; they had been rented for the party.


I was disappointed the bean bags were returning to the rental place… Lucy seemed to really like them.

Everyone enjoyed relaxing on them yesterday morning.


The bean bags were perfect loungers to take advantage of the change in the weather…

enjoy the beautiful setting of Nic and Lucy’s house…

and rehash the fun from the previous night with old and new friends.


Inspired by the bean bags, John and I returned to the party marquee (tent) the morning after the party.  We had forgotten to sign the guest registry, and the bean bags gave us an idea for a doodle…
of Dan and John wishing Nic and Lucy many happy returns of the day.
live. enjoy. repeat.

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