Mary’s Rainbows


For months now, a temporary wall has divided our dining room in half — the demarcation line between the contractors and us. On Friday, the contractors relocated the partition to the living room doorway (on the left in the photo) and claimed the entire room. This afternoon John, Jack, and I visited the dining room to check on the progress.


In preparation for the floor to be leveled, baseboards and parquet wood flooring have been removed. The original wood subfloor is now exposed.

The new doorway between the dining room and kitchen is now in place.




During our visit to the dining room, little rainbows appeared.


We knew immediately where they were coming from — we had forgotten to remove a crystal that was hanging in the window.


Mary, John’s aunt from New Zealand, gave the crystal to us a few years ago. Whenever we see the rainbows made by this sun catcher we think of Mary. Instantly our thoughts connect with her half way around the world, and we are reminded of the fun time we had when she and her friend Mat visited us.

The refracted light display always catches us by surprise; it only occurs when the sun is in a certain position and shining brightly. We like to make the rainbows dance around the room by giving the crystal a tap or spin.


The tiny crystal and the dazzling light show it creates has provided John and me with a lot of enjoyment. Today it scattered little rainbows around the room and onto floor boards that have not seen daylight in 100 years.


Due to The Destruction, we have not seen the rainbows in a while, so it was a nice surprise for all of us to encounter them today.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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