May Day


By 8:45 AM yesterday morning, we were already at the New York City Marriage Bureau. I never know what to plan for John’s birthday. A wedding seemed like a great way to start his special day.


The bouquets at the gift shop were very tempting, but a couple of rubber duckies seemed more fun and weather-appropriate.


John and I had just sat down with coffees that we had purchased from a street vendor’s cart, when we spotted Joe and Carlos and Peter (Joe’s Dad) checking in at the front desk.


Joe and Carlos had registered and completed paperwork last week; they were prepared to get married.

Good thing I did not buy flowers, because Judy (Joe’s sister) was carrying boutonnières for the guys and a wrist corsage for herself.


Things moved very quickly. By the time I helped pin the flowers in place …

Joe’s and Carlos’ number was up (literally)!


We moved into the waiting area and barely had time to pose for a group photo …


before going into the West Chapel.


The ceremony was short, and sweet.

Before leaving the Marriage Bureau, John and I had our photo taken in front of the big photo of city hall. Maybe one day we will celebrate our own wedding.


By 9:45 we were on our way to breakfast with the happy couple.


It all seemed to have happened in a New York minute (actually, about an hour). But, as I am sure is true for any wedding, a lot happens before the big event.

John reminded me that 8 years ago, in May 2004, we participated in the Wedding March with Joe and Carlos, and our friends Matt and Deb and Nancy (Matt’s mom). We all marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall, with thousands of others, to petition for marriage rights for same sex couples.


A little over 8 months ago, in July 2011, the Marriage Equality Act went into effect in the State of New York.

For John and I, it was a real honor to witness and celebrate our friends’ wedding yesterday. As the day unfolded, we had Joe and Carlos and Peter and Judy over to our house for drinks in the construction area, and then we all went to dinner together. We toasted to the couple’s happiness, and celebrated their love for each other, and shared the joys of friendship and family.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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