Measuring Up


There’s been a lot of measuring going on around here lately. We have tape measures dotted around the house and can usually lay our hands on one pretty quickly. If none can be found, we can always find one in the workbench drawer labeled “Tape Measures” — where tapes of various shape, size, color and length reside.


We’ve been trying to decide what height the table in our new breakfast area should be. We went back and forth between dining table and coffee table heights. We realised we’ll want to hang out in this space at other times besides breakfast time. It will be a great space to enjoy the evening light and cocktails. What we would really like is an adjustable height table that can be set high or low, depending on the time of day and the experience we want to have.

We’ve never seen an adjustable height table, but that hasn’t stopped us envisioning one. When we know exactly what dimensions we want maybe we will find one or have one custom made.


Yesterday evening we were sat in a bar with a low table between us. Dan commented that the table height would be suitable as the low height for the breakfast area. We could tell it was somewhere between dining and coffee table heights but didn’t have a tape measure with us. What to do?

We could have asked the busy wait staff for a tape measure, but thought it unlikely that they would be able to provide one. So I came up with the idea of marking the table height on the leg of my jeans with a pen. We measured it off at 24” when we arrived home.


It seemed the perfect height until we measured Jack’s nose: 21”. As Jack is able to easily adjust his height when food is around, we may need to rethink the minimum height of the table.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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