Milk Bottles


There is something very satisfying about fresh milk from a glass container — wholesome and reminiscent of times gone by. Milk seems to tastes better out of a glass bottle.

As a kid, I remember glass jugs of milk in my family’s refrigerator, and my two brothers and I easily drinking a gallon at dinner.

John tells me that sometimes when his family didn’t have a cow and fresh milk of their own, they would have milk delivered to their door. Mr. Stocker drove the milk float (a truck with a flat bed covered on the top and open on the sides). He made daily deliveries throughout the village. The milk came in one pint bottles, and John remembers if you didn’t get the milk inside quickly enough, the birds would peck open the foil tops to get to the cream.

Last year John received a thoughtful, fun and unusual birthday gift from friends — farm fresh organic milk delivered to our door.


Our first delivery included milk, eggs, yogurt, orange juice, and our very own insulated cool box for the front porch.


We have been getting weekly deliveries ever since. If we are going to be out all day, we leave a note for the driver to please put ice in as well.

We love that the products are organic and find it very convenient to have them brought to our door. It’s much better than lugging milk and other essentials from the store to the car to the house. And we love not throwing cartons in the trash every week. It is fun to put empties into the cool box, and then later lift the lid to find it filled with stuff; it’s like a magic box.

Now that Piper and the other hens across the street are providing fresh eggs for us on occasion, we have reduced the egg delivery to every other week.

We are very pleased that OMC (Organic Milk Corp.) accommodated our request and continues to deliver to us a reduced supply of items weekly, with eggs added every other week. It’s the type of personalized service reminiscent of days gone by.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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