Monopoly Moves


Dan and I continue to play around with furniture pieces in the new breakfast area as we try to figure out exactly what we want in terms of table and chairs. You may recall that we’ve been exploring options for sometime (see June 5, 2012 posting ‘Measuring Up’).


The other evening Dan placed some chairs that he thought would be good placeholders in terms of height, size, and overall presence. I then came up with the idea of adding a table to the mix.

Our Monopoly table hasn’t seen the light of day for several years. We uncovered it in the basement,


and hauled it up the stairs.


I was pleased to see see the table had survived all The Destruction activity in the basement. Dan and I made the table more than ten years ago when we lived in Cambridge, MA. It was fun to experience it again.

The Monopoly game belonged to Dan’s mum and was from her childhood; one us of had the idea to incorporate it into a table.

We found a discarded table on the side of a street, remodeled it into a square, spray painted it black, and replaced the top with a cherry wood frame and glass inset.


Oh, and we added a drawer to hold the original wooden game pieces, playing cards, and loot.


When Dan removed the box of game pieces from the drawer he was pleasantly surprised to find a note and newspaper clipping beneath it (we had both forgotten that we had placed them there).

The news article is entitled “Monopoly outlasts board game competition,” and the accompanying note, from Dan’s mum, is dated June 4, 2000.


The note is short and sweet:

Dear Dan:
This article was in the Sunday paper today, and I thought you would be interested in reading it, since you have my original game. I probably got it in the late 30’s or close to 1940. I know Margie and I passed our afternoons with other friends playing Monopoly … during the Summer. The game is still popular.

Dan was moved to find the note. He remembered with fondness receiving many newspaper clippings over the years that his mum thought would be of interest to him.


Like the chairs, the Monopoly table is a placeholder (we picture having a round table). We will continue to move pieces of furniture around until we land on a winning scheme. And, of course, the preferences of all players are being considered.


At 15-1/2” the Monopoly table proved to be a good cocktail table height, and we raised our glasses in memory of Dan’s mum.


Tonight we’ll be raising our glasses to my mum in celebration of her 75th birthday today. Happy birthday Mum!

live. enjoy. repeat.

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