Moving Forward


On Tuesday afternoon I received a meeting invitation from my boss entitled “Discuss Moving Forward” (he used to write advertising copy). I accepted. I had an idea what was in store.


My boss had his own “Discuss Moving Forward” meeting two weeks ago; his last day is tomorrow. He founded our division 11 years ago and I have worked with him for the past 8 years. The division was disbanded following a recent merger.

When I got to the Wednesday morning meeting a woman from human resources, whom I have met a couple of times in the past, was there to handle my dismissal. She was very complimentary of my work, but explained that my position has been eliminated due to reorganization. She then took me through the details of my severance. At the end of our meeting she felt the need to hug me. I sensed it was more for her benefit than mine. I was happy to oblige.

After learning I had lost my job, I texted the news to Dan. His reply made me smile, and I texted back “good response.” I then felt the need to take a walk even though it was drizzling outside. Standing at the entrance to our office building I decided, on a whim, to explore a small park a few blocks away that I’d never visited before. When I reached the park I noticed that the grand building beyond houses a museum; the National Museum of the American Indian. I decided to go inside.


I wandered through the main exhibit rooms and learned a little about the many tribes and their territories before the arrival of Europeans. Mainly, I just looked at the beautiful artifacts on display and read some descriptions. I was happy to be distracted for a while.


When I reached the gift shop I browsed aimlessly until I came across some Spirit Necklaces. One was stamped with the image of a salmon and the word Determination on the reverse.


I assumed that the craftsperson’s tribe associates determination with salmon as these fish return to the place of their creation to spawn, despite having to swim upstream. I decided I would buy the necklace and set an intention when I put it on.

When I was riding the subway towards home, I wrote down the following:

I am determined not to get depressed about my layoff.

I am determined that this layoff off will mark the start of a positive new beginning.

I am determined to help others in my future work.

While the timing of my layoff is not great for Dan and me, with the Destruction still not complete, I’m okay with it. It will force me to make some changes I have been considering for some time. Change is good.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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