Natural Stress Relief


After a stressful time last week dealing with Destruction issues, our project finally got the better of me. Consequently Dan and I agreed I would benefit from a break. So, yesterday evening I escaped to our friends’ house in New Hampshire — just in time to avoid another week of stonework activity outside the kitchen (the room we all want to be in now that it is practically finished).


Unfortunately, Dan and Jack could not escape with me (Dan needs to be home overseeing the landscrapers). However, I suspect we will all benefit from my impromptu getaway.

June is one of my favourite months, and it is frustrating seeing it slip away. This is the second summer that we have not been able to use our garden. I know, I need to be patient. And I know that the end result of our project will make the endurance worthwhile.

Meantime, I need to offset my stress. What better way than to immerse myself in nature? This morning I took a kayak onto Messer Pond and headed north to explore the inlet where Beavers live.


Mr. and Mrs. Beaver were nowhere to be seen, but I enjoyed checking out their home.


I particularly enjoyed seeing a nice example of a beaver cut and also how the Beavers’ wood structure has foundations under water.


Along the way I encountered some fascinating plants,




and I got to enjoy seeing a heron take flight (no photo unfortunately).

From time to time I stopped paddling and just drifted.


Drifting, looking, and listening — to lapping water, singing birds, and rustling reeds and grasses — can be very therapeutic. Especially when you have a pond to yourself as I did.

My paddle on the pond this morning provided a very restorative start to my week.


And a revisit to the pond this evening provided a beautiful end to my day.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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