Nelson’s Crate


When we were condensing our living space last week, we thought it only fair that Jack give up some space too. We bought him a smaller crate. We were not sure how he would take to it, but he jumped in as soon as I made it up, and it clearly met with his approval.


Up until now Jack had been occupying a crate designed for a much larger breed.


It was the crate that transported our previous dog, Nelson, to the US when I moved here in 1996.


Nelson’s crate had a “Live Animals” sticker placed on it at Heathrow Airport before his flight. It always amused me, so I left it on.

Nelson didn’t use his crate in our house; he only used it for air travel. He used it to fly to Pittsburgh one Christmas. He met Dan’s parents before I did — and also got to drive around in the family Cadillac before I did.


Nelson was a wonderful dog. He was with me for 4 years in England, and was with Dan and me an additional 12 years in the US. He, and our cat Churchill that emigrated with him, were constants in my life as I adapted to living in the US.


Saying goodbye to Nelson was very hard for me. When he was gone, a direct link to my previous life in England was gone as well. Two years passed before Dan and I felt ready to get another dog.

On Wednesday evening we put Nelson’s crate out for the trash.


I was very pleased to see that within a few hours someone had taken it. I like to think that they have already put it to good use.

I retained the “Live Animal” sticker and enjoy being reminded of Nelson every time I am at Jack’s new crate.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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