New Toy


Sophie the cat posed for me today when I was playing around with my new camera at our friends Ragga and Junah’s house.

The camera is a new model by Olympus – the OMD EM-5. It is a four thirds camera – which means it is smaller and lighter than a typical SLR digital camera with interchangeable lenses.


I like the camera for its compact size, solid construction, wide range of lens options, and performance; it takes great photos and videos. It is a hot camera on the market right now.

Matt talked me into getting it. He has the same camera with silver trim. Nothing makes a new toy more fun, than having a playmate that has one too.


Actually, there is something that makes a new toy even MORE fun. Knowing someone who wishes he had your toy. Junah really wants a camera just like mine and Matt’s. We tormented him by showing off our cameras today.

As is typical of digital gadgetry, the camera has many more features than I will probably ever use. I played with the “art filters” today and had some fun results. I thought the ‘Gentle Sepia’ filter complimented Junah and Ragga’s natural and relaxed style.



But it is amazing how the black and white ‘Grainy Film’ filter seemed to change the mood.

I need to get John up to speed with the tricks of the new the camera — or there will be no art filtered photos of me.

Of course, some things are best shot in good old fashioned color.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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