Then And Now


So far, this winter’s weather is as easy to deal with as last year’s. We’ve had hardly any snow, and few days with very low temperatures. On Sunday the temperature here reached a balmy 54°F (12°C), and it was comfortable to be outside in a jumper. I took this photo of Dan posing at the Potting Shed entrance…


just as I did one year ago.


Back then we had just received one of the few snowfalls of the winter and ventured outside to get some interesting shots of The Destruction. At that time the masonry work had just been completed.


The white snow and grey concrete made the rear and side of the house look like an austere bunker. Dan and I had to use our imagination to picture how good it would look someday.


A year later it pleases us to see how far things have come along.


Here’s another shot from then…


and now.


We look forward to sharing ‘now and then’ photos of the next phase; landscapers are due to lay the stones in the spring.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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