Nurturing Well-Being


Someone from our Pilates class told me this morning that I look good and seem relaxed. It was a nice compliment to receive.

One way Dan and I intend to nurture well-being for ourselves in 2013 is by taking better care of our physical health. We made strides in 2012 by exercising regularly and practically eliminating processed foods from our diet. We’re also making an effort to eat more locally grown, seasonally appropriate foods. I have a sense that consumption of such foods contributes greatly toward being able to fend off sickness.

Having rethought what foods we consume, Dan and I are now looking more closely at the products we use. Our aim is to eliminate contact with substances that may have a detrimental affect on our bodies as well as the environment. We’ve already made a start with some toiletry and household products.

A few months ago I switched to Earthpaste — a completely natural toothpaste,


and we have both been enjoying shampoo, conditioner, and shaving cream from Avalon Organics.


Around the house Mrs. Myers helps us keep things clean and smelling nice,


along with Seventh Generation.


Even Jack is showing an interest in some of the new products we are using, particularly Bull Dog organic face scrub.


Another step I have taken to improve my well-being is to eliminate use of pharmaceutical products. Instead I research holistic remedies and have found the following book to be a useful resource.


Having worked closely with pharmaceutical companies for more than eight years I know that few products come without side effects and, in my opinion, the number one priority of these companies is making money rather than the well-being of consumers. I therefore intend to use pharmaceutical products as a last resort.

Walking with Jack in the woods near our home is another thing that contributes not only to my physical health but also my mental health. Our walks provide me with an opportunity to connect with nature, and this helps me stay grounded and balanced.

Seeing the sun setting through trees yesterday afternoon reminded of the pleasure I get walking in the woods regardless of the weather or season.



live. enjoy. repeat.

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