One Man’s Trash


Matt and Deb’s next-door neighbour Kim hollered “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” when she saw Matt, Dan and I across the road from their homes this morning. The three of us were crowded around a heap of bedroom furniture that was placed on the kerb for trash collection.


Dan and I were deliberating whether we could use it in our new bedroom. Our humming and hawing started when we stopped to pick Matt up and spotted the furniture. I was the first one to get out of the car for a closer look, and before long Dan joined me. By the time Matt arrived on the scene we had pretty much talked ourselves into being able to “do something with it.”

We were attracted by the mid-century look of the furniture and especially the tapered legs. We ended up salvaging 1 dresser, 2 nightstands, and a long shelf unit that we think was part of a headboard. We left a taller dresser that was missing some drawers, but kept one drawer for additional drawer pulls. We identified Matt and Deb’s driveway as the place we would store it all temporarily.


As the temperature soared into the high 90s while I was sitting in a frigid 46th floor office, I didn’t give much thought to the furniture.


When I got home I remembered what we had done this morning — and that we needed to haul our new furniture to our house. Our salvage decision suddenly felt like it might have been a mistake.

After relaxing for a while we got motivated and ventured out into the heat. As we were loading up our car we commented on how well the furniture is made including dovetail joints on the drawers.


We were further encouraged when we spotted a sticker certifying that the furniture is made of genuine mahogany.


We hauled the furniture by making two trips with our car, and it is now neatly stacked in our dining room.

We’re confident that we can use some of it, and what we don’t use we can put out for the trash at a later date — for someone else to spot!


live. enjoy. repeat.

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