Priority List

We finally hit ‘send’ yesterday on an email we’ve been wanting to send for weeks. It went to friends and neighbours inviting them to an Open House on December 16th. The...


The Beard

I didn’t set out to grow a beard. It started unintentionally — and then it grew on me. My shaving habit disappeared several weeks ago along with my daily work routine. I figured...


Paint Samples

I can mull over paint colors all day, actually for several days, before making a color selection. John appreciates a good color choice, and moved the process along by painting samples for...


Shop Local

Today is Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses nationwide. John and I believe small businesses are great contributors to our community. We make an effort...


Thanksgiving 2012

If we had to, I am sure Dan and I could cook a Thanksgiving meal in our kitchenette. Fortunately we don’t have to; some friends down the street have invited us to join them. There...


Fresh Paint

When John is in painting mode I expect to find him in his ‘Bristol, England‘ t-shirt and an old pair of eyeglasses (glasses he had when I met him). I also expect to find paint brushes...

live. enjoy. repeat.

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