Peanut Gallery

Ten years ago I could count on one finger the number of live classical music performances I had attended in my life. Sad, but true. Now I would need many hands to count them all. What...


Winter Curveball

Mother Nature threw another curveball at us yesterday. A “nor’easter” hurled snow and high winds — bringing the look and feel of winter ahead of schedule. By mid-afternoon John...


Selection Day

Jack and I accompanied Dan to the polling station today so that Dan could cast his vote for President of the United States. As it was a nice day we walked into town. Our route took us via a...


Porch Traffic

The top step leading up to our front porch had become very wobbly. In spite of all the renovation work around here our old house still requires attention. I was tempted to call Eleanor and...


Rescue And Triage

I’m not sure where this week has gone. Hurricane Sandy has blown everyone off course. It wasn’t until Wednesday that Dan and I started to comprehend exactly how fortunate we...


Paint Ready

The stucco work is completed on The Destruction. It’s interesting to see the dark stucco walls and white trim. Once painted, the lights and darks will be reversed; the walls will be white...

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