Paint Ready

The stucco work is completed on The Destruction. It’s interesting to see the dark stucco walls and white trim. Once painted, the lights and darks will be reversed; the walls will be white...



If anyone had told me a year ago that I would get excited and passionate about a thermostat I would have thought they were nuts. But, as it turns out, I am nuts — about the Nest...


Comic Book Stories

John and I recently visited the Housing Works Thrift Shop in Chelsea. Just before leaving, I spotted a box of vintage comic books near the cash register. I decided to buy a few to send to...


Dan Day Celebration

Our friends Matt and Deb did it again. They threw another wonderful birthday party; this time for Dan. Matt turned the dining room into a personalized gallery. He had hung photos of Dan...


Fun En Route

Weekend house guests are good company after a layoff and before a birthday. Especially when the guests are Detta and Tash, friends from London who arrived last night. They will be working...


Moving Forward

On Tuesday afternoon I received a meeting invitation from my boss entitled “Discuss Moving Forward” (he used to write advertising copy). I accepted. I had an idea what was in...



Our house has become ensnared in wire mesh. The guys from Reliable Stucco have wrapped The Destruction in metal lath. It’s like a well-tailored chain mail suit of armor. The Destruction...


Allison Park

I was up before dawn this morning. I awoke early and noticed an interesting sky out the window. I decided to take Jack for a walk. Rather than walk around our neighbourhood, I decided to...

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