Today, John and I took advantage of an opportunity to see and hear Barbra Streisand at a dress rehearsal for her ‘Back to Brooklyn’ concert tour which starts next week. We drove to...


Weekend Glassware

When John and I came home from our cabin in the Catskills a few weekends ago, we had a new set of 9 brightly striped vintage glasses. We didn’t take the glasses from the cabin; we bought...


Cape Jack

Jack is vacationing on Cape Cod this weekend. He has a suite at Troutbrook Kennels in Wellfleet. Dan and I are residing a few miles up the road at North Truro. We are staying at a...


Contractors Galore

They start pulling up at 7:00 AM, one truck after another. There must be some vehicular code of honor amongst contractors, regardless of specialty: framing, electrical, plumbing...


Scooped And Duped

The other evening I created a very tasty dessert (Dan and I don’t usually have dessert). I wanted it to be a treat but still reasonably healthy. Here’s what I put together: •Pistachio...



Since our last update on The Destruction, walls have been insulated… and covered in drywall. The before and after drywall views above are from the kitchen looking into the new...


Turkeys Galore

One morning last year when I left the house for work I encountered a turkey on the steps to our front porch. A real, live, wild turkey. This wasn’t my first encounter. Dan and I had...


Travelin’ Jack

I drove 90 minutes today to Bethlehem, PA where I spent a few hours consulting on a design project, and then I drove 90 minutes back home. John suggested I bring Jack with me for the ride...


Getaway Wishlist

In the lead up to our getaway weekend Dan and I made a list of things we would like to do while away. It included such things as read, picnic, sleep a lot, log fires, walk and hike with...

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