Far Away Friends

Siobhan and Saoirse’s visit concluded on Saturday evening with a picnic in Central Park. Our neighbour Suzanne organized it, bringing together friends and family. Some were visiting...


Go Yankees!

John and I typically don’t have much to do with sports. I remember the look on my cousin Frank’s face when he was at our house and wanted to watch a football game or something, and...


Coming Out

When I met Siobhan at a dance class in Bristol more than 20 years ago I could never have imagined that one day she would be riding with me to work on a NYC subway train. Siobhan and Saoirse...


Traveling Light

Siohban and Saoirse are finally traveling light. This evening we took them to Long Wharf in Boston where they boarded the fast ferry to Provincetown with little more than a backpack apiece...


Water Boys

John took Jack down to the pond a few minutes ahead of me. We were interested to see how Jack would behave in the water. We realized we had never seen him swim. When I got to the pond, I...



We were very tempted to stay in Stone Harbor a second night especially as Saoirse was having so much fun with all the other kids there. But, we had a hound to get home to, and an 8:30am...


Life Is Good

The lack of internet access at the beach house caused us to skip a day in our blog for the first time. We arrived at the Jersey Shore on Sunday afternoon. Not the Jersey Shore with Snooki...



There’s nothing like a breakthrough to make you feel good. This week the construction team cut an opening in our basement wall. They did it by removing an existing window and cutting...

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