Blog Her

I was one of the few guys (maybe 20 of us) at the predominantly female (maybe 3,000 of them) conference for women bloggers. It is our first time attending BlogHer. I attended today, and...


Jack’s New Tub

Jack’s got a new bath tub. When our plumbers relocated our laundry area in the basement they put in a new sink. It’s the perfect size, depth and height for washing Jack. Our...


Free Of Corn Syrup

Siobhan has been scrutinizing the labels on our pots of jams and preserves. She is in search of corn syrup. Fortunately she didn’t find any. That’s because I too am always on...


Self Reflection

I asked Saoirse to hold still so I could get a photo of John and I reflected in her aviator sunglasses. I took the photo while we were enjoying lunch at the Highliner diner yesterday. John...


Le Kitchenette

I explained to Siohban some weeks ago that our house project is not as far along as we expected it to be when they made their travel plans. When we arrived outside our house last night...


Airpot Pickup

I suggested we take everything out of the trunk of our car.  We were picking up two ladies at the airport, and I had a hunch we might need every square inch of cargo space. John brought a...



Today’s bounty from the allotment consisted of tomatoes, green pepper, basil and purslane. Until a few weeks ago I had not heard of purslane.  I was helping our friend Miko load...


Summer Storm

John wanted to harvest what he could from the allotment before the big storm tonight.  The weather report threatened severe thunderstorms, lightening, high winds, and possible hail and...


10-Year Bar

Nobody ever wants a U.S. official to write 9B2 in their passport.  Nine years ago today a Vice Consul at the U.S. Embassy in London wrote this in my passport when I went to get a visa...

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