Magic Curtain

John had enough relaxation on Sunday, so I assigned him a chore when he got home from work last night.  It was time for him to install the zipper door.  He has been talking about it for...



It was a perfect summer’s day here yesterday.  The temperature was in the 70s and there was a gentle breeze blowing throughout the day. We finally took time to relax after a couple...


Party Prep

This weekend was all about Mary.  The rooftop party in New York on Friday was just a warm-up to Saturday night’s garden party at Michelle and John’s house. We arrived early in the...


Fabulous Fifties

Mary would fit right in in England. She doesn’t let a little bit of rain bother her.   She had selected a cocktail venue with the hope that it would be a beautiful summer’s...



When our house guests arrived yesterday, we had no running water.  Fortunately, Mary and Ed are good friends and good sports.  They didn’t seem to mind the inconvenience.  The...


Next In Line

Now our trip to England is starting to feel like it was quite a while ago. We are onto our next 50th birthday celebration already.  Mary and Ed arrived today from Lexington, KY. Mary...



We often return from England with dish soap in our luggage.  I wonder if US Customs has a file on me and knows how many gallons of Fairy Liquid I have brought into the country over the...


Many Happy Returns

John and I made an unplanned return trip to the site of Saturday night’s party.  One of us left a bag behind — with a passport in it.  Either one of us could have done it. ...

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