Cartoon Life

John and I felt very welcome as soon as we walked in because our hosts Finley (right) and Elliott (left) had personalized our room with artwork on the door. While we were staying at...



Dan and I are currently staying with our very good friend Maxine and her family — her partner Philip and their two boys Finley and Elliott. Dan was in England having accepted an...


Lorna Doone

Whenever we go to England, people ask us “How was London?”  We typically don’t go to London.  As with this trip, we visit friends and John’s family near the city of Bristol, a...


Kew Gardens

Dan and I arrived in England this morning and are having a hard time believing it is July. The temperature peaked at 19 degrees centigrade today (that’s 66 for those that prefer...


Car Wash

I vaguely remember having a lemonade stand once when I was a kid.  It was not a great success since the street I lived on was not a very busy one.  However, I have many memories of...


Pick Your Own

The term blackberrying refers to the picking of blackberries and, in my mind, usually from a hedge.  It is something I did as a kid growing up in England, and the term is often used there...


The Filling Station

When it’s too hot to cook in the kitchen (or in our case, when you don’t have a kitchen and it’s too hot to cook in the kitchenette) there is nothing more satisfying than driving to...


It’s A Breeze

Yesterday evening we had a good opportunity to test drive our breezeway. I love it. It’s going to be a great space to hang out in especially on a hot day. When we started thinking...


Window Bay

After the last of the old windows were removed from the back of our house, John was keen to experience the feeling of the original open porch. We have only known this little room that we...

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