Independence Day

When John sports a neckerchief, it is a sure sign we are going to have a fun summer’s day excursion.  We didn’t have a specific plan, but had agreed to a framework the night before:...


Potting Shed

This weekend I had an opportunity to experience what the potting shed at the back of the garage will feel like when completed.  With a name like ‘potting shed,’ you won’t be...


Lively Chairs

We like our dining room chairs.  Even Jack seems to appreciate the design of the chair — the gently splayed back leg, the upturned ear of the backrest. Of the set of six chairs...


More Bridge

This is the view of the George Washington Bridge that Dan and I were hoping to see on Tuesday (see June 26 posting).  I snapped the photo above at dusk around this time last year from the...


More Windows

The cute little window at the rear of the garage is in.  Nearly all of the windows are in place now. The Breakfast Area is all glassed in.  The windows have a protective film on the...



Jack has a new place where he can lie back and put his paws up. It’s a Tubtrug.  It’s like a basket, but it’s made of plastic. We didn’t buy it with Jack’s...


Park Closes At Dusk

We happened upon the best 25 minutes of the day almost by accident.  John thought it would be a nice time of day to drive along the road that sneaks under the George Washington Bridge...


Raw Food

Suzanne came over for coffee and a catch up yesterday morning.  At some point I mentioned that I am trying to work more raw food into my diet (I am interested in the associated health...

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