While driving home from western Pennsylvania recently, John and I made a stop at a produce stand. As John checked out the cucumbers, the proprietor started chatting to me and mentioned...


A Wild Start to the Day

Before breakfast, Jack and I take our morning walk. If it’s fairly dry underfoot, we do a loop in the wood. Yesterday we had a light breakfast in the wood. There’s a small area...


Chair Repair

As Jack demonstrates, a slat broke on one of our lounge chairs creating a big gap in the seat. John and Jack decided to take advantage of the nice evening for an improvised...


Finding Nemo

Dan was given four goldfish for his birthday last October. At the time we had no thoughts of naming them. How could we? They all looked exactly the same. Not any more… It turns out...


Spice Drawer

WARNING!! This blog posting contains graphic images of extreme organization that may be disturbing to some people. In the excitement leading up to the Dwell photo shoot of our kitchen, we...


Don’t Dwell On It

Today is the day we were expecting Dwell magazine to photograph our kitchen renovation. In anticipation of this event, we have been busy trying to complete many home and garden projects...


Fun and Functional

There are a few more flourishes that John and I put into Louise’s kitchen that we’d like to share with you. When we presented our design ideas to Louise, we proposed stenciling a...


Louise’s Kitchen

John and I recently completed a fun and challenging design project. When our client Louise first contacted us for a design consultation, her kitchen was failing her. She described her...

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