New Toy

Sophie the cat posed for me today when I was playing around with my new camera at our friends Ragga and Junah’s house. The camera is a new model by Olympus – the OMD EM-5. It is a...



Our neighbour Marilyn joined us for an “Equality Walk” through downtown Montclair today. The walk was organized by Garden State Equality, the largest grassroots civil rights...



The contractors have been on window detail for two days in The Destruction. The results are very satisfying. When it comes to selecting a window, the beauty is in the details. When we had...



The film DELMAR that John and I helped Matt produce has just been included in an online film festival ‘We Speak Here’ at We are excited that our film will reach a...


The Ice Man

It’s forecast to heat up during the next few days. Fortunately we have sourced an ice delivery service in the nick of time. Our freezer used to make ice, but no longer does since we...


Itching For More

I’ve been wearing the scent of Tea Tree Oil the past few days. Not because it’s a trendy new fragrance, but because I am using it to treat a rash from poison ivy on my neck. It...


Positive Outlook

I’ve been wearing my sunglasses a lot the past few days. Not necessarily because it’s been sunny, and not in an attempt to look cool — but because I have a huge sty on the...


Graduation Day

I attended the graduation ceremony yesterday morning at Will’s school. His year at pre-school went by so quickly. Before you know it, it will be September and he will be starting...


Little Visitor

We had a bug in the house yesterday morning. When I mentioned our first firefly sighting of the season the other day (see June 9 posting) I had to use a borrowed image. As a result of...

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