See Through The Wall

The idea to put openings in the wall of our new outdoor stairwell came a bit late in the design phase. Actually, it came in the construction phase. Construction of the foundation walls was...


Parking Notice

When we find street parking in New York CIty, visitors from out of town are amazed. Our parking skills have evolved in the past 10 years to a point where we can leave our car and feel...


Moroccan Mint Tea

Almost everyone I encounter at the allotment points out that I have a lot of mint… and they think it will take over my plot. I think I have the situation under control. I pull up a...



We didn’t know we needed a custom fabricated steel hanger a few weeks ago. Things come up when you are adding on to an old house. When our contractor showed me it was not possible to...



Our friends have helped us identify the tree across the road – the one that was dropping the beautiful flowers. It’s a tulip tree. Our friend Iris was visiting with her friend...



When I was a boy I had my own vegetable patch. I became interested in growing strawberries when someone gave me some old plants they had dug up. My grandmother intervened and provided me...



John suggested we have coffee in the “camp” this morning. Camp is our name for the secluded stone patio area I designed and we had installed in the back corner of our property. Camp is...


Watt Watcher

Memorial Day Weekend is said to be the start of summer, but it doesn’t always feel like it. This year it does. When we crossed the George Washington Bridge this morning, the display...

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