They’re Knockouts

We really enjoy seeing Deb’s fence-line garden in bloom. We take pleasure in it as if it were our own, and we planted the rose bushes ourselves — which we did. Although, John and I...


Go With The Flow

When I started taking Pilates classes a year ago I didn’t imagine I would one day be participating in a photo shoot for Alvin Ailey. Okay, for The Ailey Extension. That’s what...


Temporary Exhibit

Yesterday another temporary wall was erected in our house. This one divides the dining room in two. We live on one side, and the builders go about construction on the other side...


Milk Bottles

There is something very satisfying about fresh milk from a glass container — wholesome and reminiscent of times gone by. Milk seems to tastes better out of a glass bottle. As a kid, I...


Fountain Photographer

I waited at the fountain in Lincoln Center for about 30 minutes last night. The ballet I went to see got out earlier than the film that John went to see. Getting our car out of the parking...


Change Over Day

Guest blogger Kris was on her way after enjoying a hearty breakfast cooked in the kitchenette. Bedding was then laundered. Accessing the washer and dryer is not so straightforward these...


A Lump-Less Kitchen

The view into our old kitchen may not look like much to you, but it looks beautiful to me. What is beautiful is what is missing. The lump of wall that was by the radiator is gone. The lump...

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