Super Sweet

It was super sweet of John to ask me to go to the allotment with him yesterday. He was feeling out of sorts and couldn’t get motivated to get himself there. He said if I came along it...


A Good Morning

We live just across the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan. We love the proximity of our home to New York City. Especially on a sunny Saturday morning like today. We were parked in...


Nelson’s Crate

When we were condensing our living space last week, we thought it only fair that Jack give up some space too. We bought him a smaller crate. We were not sure how he would take to it, but he...


Better Than TV

We hardly ever watch TV. I guess I maxed out early. I watched a lot of TV as a kid (from the sofa that is now in our living room). My view of the world is colored by images of 1960’s...


Making Strides

My week got off to a great start. When I was walking Jack around the neighbourhood this morning, an unleashed small white dog came up to us, seemingly from nowhere, and barked right in...


Kitchen Leftovers

The kitchen sink is now immediately inside our front door. We are setting up a temporary kitchenette to hold us over until our new kitchen is in place. The idea to create a temporary...


Doors Of Confusion

The downstairs loo is gone. Gone with it, is some of the confusion around exiting our home. There are two adjacent doors in our living room. The one on the left used to lead to the...

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