Kitchen Leftovers

The kitchen sink is now immediately inside our front door. We are setting up a temporary kitchenette to hold us over until our new kitchen is in place. The idea to create a temporary...


Doors Of Confusion

The downstairs loo is gone. Gone with it, is some of the confusion around exiting our home. There are two adjacent doors in our living room. The one on the left used to lead to the...


Hidden Kitsch

When the kitchen cabinets came down yesterday, layer upon layer of history was exposed. The room looks like an archeological site. It appears that the kitchen’s most vibrant period was a...


Party Poppers

It seems that my birthday celebrations are turning into a week-long affair. Last night our neighbors Matt and Deb hosted a very fun evening with a wonderful group of friends. Nobody throws...


May Day

By 8:45 AM yesterday morning, we were already at the New York City Marriage Bureau. I never know what to plan for John’s birthday. A wedding seemed like a great way to start his special...


Birthday Kickoff

We knew we would have to be out of the house early on my birthday, so we decided I should open my cards and presents the evening before. Typically I open cards and presents on my day. Dan...



When we were walking back from the dog run this morning Dan and I heard birds above us. The sound was coming from a parrot nest (yes parrot … we saw two bright green parrots fly out)...


Building Inspector

As is typical, one repair often leads to another. When we were fixing the steps at Eleanor’s house, we noticed some rusted joist hangers underneath the entry deck. So today, we replaced...


Town Attractions

Yesterday I had an opportunity to stop at our local library to view an art exhibition by our friend Pam, a former town resident. Her watercolour paintings of houses in our town were...

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