Memory Player

It took me a while to figure out what was in the box that UPS had just delivered. It had been 8 months since I sent it away for repairs, and probably 8 years since John started suggesting I...


Bare Essentials

In anticipation of losing our kitchen for a while, we pared down the cupboards to the bare essentials. To accomplish this, I emptied each cabinet and transferred all our stuff (some stuff...


Feeling Very Fortunate

With our house partially open to the elements, we were a little concerned yesterday morning when we heard the weather forecast. A severe weather warning had been issued, and heavy rain was...


One Step At A Time

While John was chasing Giant Fleas on Saturday, I drove into the city and went to Pilates class. Then I went to a Tap Dance Class. No, I did not tap dance. I watched our friend Solana learn...


Supporting The Arts

It was a special privilege for us to attend the 2012 Tisch Gala last night. Our friends John and Kris invited us to join them and their daughter Nicole, who is in her freshman year at NYU...


Size Doesn’t Matter

The contractors moved inside today to start breaking through to the addition. When I tell people we are doing an addition the first question many ask is “how many square feet is it?”...

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