The Big Test

Our local dog run is located under a big tree. It is divided into two areas for “large dogs” and “small dogs.” We assumed the designations were for physical size, and not...


Jack Is Back!

On Friday we received word from Susan at Woodside Training that Jack was ready for collection. She also included a brief report that we were delighted with: “He did good.” We...


The Power Of Dance

Our routine on Saturday morning is to take a class at Alvin Ailey dance studios. We coerce our bodies into movements and positions directed by our wonderful instructor Sarita. She told me...


Egg Art

By the time I got out of bed on Easter morning, the eggs were already hard-boiled. One of the great things about living with a “do-er” is they often help you to get things done too. All...


That Was No Picnic

I may not be good at hanging out, but I certainly know a picnic when I see one. While our lunch yesterday was very enjoyable, and may technically qualify as a picnic (Merriam-Webster...

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