Tini Glasses x 6

Before leaving Cape Cod last week we paid a visit to a favourite thrift store. The one in Eastham where you are apt to be charged more when you buy less (see October 1, 2012 posting Weekend...


Will x 6

Will invited us to his 6th birthday party at “Granny’s Beach House” on Cape Cod. Two days before the party we still didn’t have an idea for a present. By our estimation, Will had...


An English Summer Detour

We took a detour while driving home on Monday after a week’s stay in New Hampshire. John suggested we get off the interstate highway and take a more scenic route across southern Vermont...


A Patch of History

Remember the wall with the kitsch wallpaper that was uncovered when our old kitchen was demolished? (see May 4, 2012 posting Hidden Kitsch) Well, we just got around to painting that...


No Stone Unturned

We hadn’t planned to have a sofa-sized stone in the back yard, but a couple of surplus rocks presented us with a big design opportunity. As the landscapers worked through the huge piles...


Reclaimed Sanctuary

I don’t remember how it came about, but Dan and I recently started watching the PBS series The Power of Myth; we borrowed it through our town library. During the series of interviews...


Island Adventures

In order to join John in New Hampshire the other weekend, Jack and I spent nearly 5 hours together on the road. It seemed like a lot of travel time for what would be a short visit. Once we...

strawberry basket

Strawberry Delight

The other day my mum reminded me what a special treat it was to receive fresh strawberries when I was growing up. My grandmother used to bring them to us — along with a pot of...


Bridging the Gap

We were very excited the day the stone stairway leading to the top of our little hill was finished. We couldn’t wait for the workmen to leave, so we could take an inaugural climb by...

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